The Stranger: Questioning Societal Norms and Exploring Existential Absurdity Through Albert Camus’ Masterpiece

The Stranger

What is Questioning societal norms and exploring existential absurdity? Questioning societal norms refers to critically examining the accepted beliefs, values, and behaviors that are considered normal or acceptable within a particular society or culture. It involves asking why certain norms exist, whether they are fair or just, and if they serve a meaningful purpose. Exploring … Read more

Beyond Absurdity: Ten Provocative Questions That Explore The Stranger

What is the overall message in Camus’ The Stranger? The overall message in Albert Camus’ The Stranger is the exploration of the absurdity of human existence and the idea of living authentically in a world that lacks inherent meaning or purpose. The novel follows the story of the protagonist, Meursault, who is detached and disconnected … Read more