The Death and Life of Great American Cities: Critique Urban Planning and Advocate for Vibrant Cities

What is Critique urban planning and advocate for vibrant cities? Critique urban planning involves critically analyzing and assessing the current trends, policies, and practices in urban planning. It aims to identify weaknesses, challenges, and potential areas of improvement in order to create more sustainable and equitable cities. Advocating for vibrant cities, on the other hand, … Read more

Caste: Examining the Impact of Caste Systems on Society – A Recommendation of Isabel Wilkerson’s Book

What is Examining the impact of caste systems on society? Examining the impact of caste systems on society involves analyzing how these systems of social stratification have influenced various aspects of people’s lives, including social, economic, educational, and even political spheres. Caste systems, which have been prevalent in various societies throughout history, particularly in India, … Read more